Go, Go Gadget!

Are you interested in getting the latest techno-gadgets but aren’t sure where to start looking for the products that fit your needs and your budget?  The Gadget Specialists at 24HourSupport can help you research and learn about the most current MP3 and other media players, smartphones, tablets,  laptops, Mi-Fis and other techno gizmos.

Gadget Overview

Not sure what all these gadgets do? Take a look at the gadget overviews below to learn more about each type of device.

Buying Gadgets

The first step to finding the perfect gadget is research. Begin by identifying the gadget you want – smartphone, tablet,  etc. – and make a list of the features you already know you need or want.  Make your list, and check it twice.

Shop and Compare

Then, begin researching the manufacturers, models and specific features that are available. Consumer review and tech-oriented magazines, including the ones named at the end of this article, are good places to begin looking for this information. Then, compare the features for each model and the price you’ll pay for a model with all the features you need. When calculating costs for online or in-store purchases, be sure to factor in any applicable shipping costs, taxes, or upgrade fees.  Remember that you need your arms and legs, so you may want to omit the gadgets that cost what it would take to replace these.

Purchase and Enjoy

Once you’ve got your shiny new techno gizmo, be sure to read through the User Guide and any other documentation that came in the package. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operating your new device carefully. Also, be on the lookout for warranty information, customer service details and technical support contact information and remember to keep your purchase receipt in a safe place.  Then, you can show off your gadget to all of your friends and be the envy of the crowd for the moment because surely, someone will come along with something newer and shinier!

Helpful Links to Gadget Reviews

Gizmodo: This site is “so much in love with shiny toys, it’s unnatural.” This site is useful for any shopper that wants to find information on the latest gizmos and gadgets on the market. Gizmodo shares information on these gadgets, as well as articles and product reviews on them.

Sony:  This site provides information on a full line of products, including notebook and desktop computers, televisions, home theater equipment and more.

PC Magazine: Visit this popular computing magazine to access product guides and reviews for al the latest tech gadgets, as well as computers, projectors, TVs and monitors, printers and digital cameras.

ZDnet Reviews: A member of the CNET network, ZDnet provides reviews and consumer recommendations for a range of home and business technology products. The editorial staff also posts blogs discussing the latest trends and issues related to technology.