Play That Funky Music!

Forget the cumbersome Walkman tape player from the 80s or the portable CD Player popular in the 90s. MP3 players are what’s cool for  portable music (if you’re not carrying your smartphone, we know!) .  They are lighter, smaller and have the storage capacity to hold hundreds and even thousands of songs. These digital devices are generally small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

What is an MP3?

An MP3 is a digital audio file format that stores an audio track at 1/10th of the original size of the recorded track on a traditional Compact Disc (CD). Essentially, the recordings are compressed removing the audio information that is deemed inaudible for humans.

MP3 Players

There are a wide variety of MP3 players out there for you to choose from even in all different colors and sizes!  You can try researching your best options for an MP3 player or just go with what your friends or children tell you to get.  You do, however, have lots of items to consider when choosing an MP3 player such as differences in memory capacity, playback or audio quality, ease of use, and file upload speed.

Apple is a leading manufacturer of MP3 players and their series of iPod MP3 and video players, including the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch, are immensely popular.   SanDisk, another MP3 player manufacturer among other things, offers several players in its Sansa line.  Samsung has even taken on Apple with its Samsung Galaxy Player media player that is just as lovely to touch as it is to listen.  If you need help in comparing MP3 or other electronic devices, you can find reviews on cNet.

Adding Music to Your Player

You can add your favorite songs to the MP3 player by transferring them from your computer to your player or downloading them from the cloud to your device.

Most MP3 players come with software that makes transferring sound files to your MP3 player easy. Apple’s iPod uses iTunes for downloading and organizing music, while other MP3 players can use a variety of download programs such as Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.  Check the manufacturer’s User Guide for the recommended software to use with your MP3 player and instructions for loading music.  Call Cousin Charlie too since he may be able to help!

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