General Mobile Email Settings

Many phones, tablets, and other mobile devices allow users to check their email messages. Common settings are listed below. For assistance with a different device, please email us.

Incoming Mail Settings

  •  POP: Your incoming mail server name in all lowercase letters (ex: pop.domainname)

Outgoing Mail Settings

Authenticated SMTP allows you to send mail when you are not connected to your home network using the following settings:

  • SMTP Server Name:
  • Username or Login: username@yourispdomain (You must use your full email address. No aliases will be accepted.)
  • Password: enter the email password use normally use on your home network
  • TLS: On
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587

Setup Email

Instructions for setting up email accounts vary by manufacturer, application and email service provider, but links to more instructions for the most common smartphones are provided below.  For instructions on tablets, click here.