rokuFull Stream Ahead

Are you a cord cutter? Even if you’re not, then chances are you’ve streamed video at some point. Now, companies such as Roku and Apple provide Internet streaming media devices that specifically stream content that you love. Because streaming content on-demand has become such a popular activity, you may be a bit confused on which streaming media player to choose. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular devices.

So, What Devices Are Out There?

While there are many Internet streaming media players available, below you will find some of the most common devices:

Roku: Roku has introduced several of its streaming media players onto the market to great reviews. Boasting thousands of “channels” and applications, these devices can connect to your TV and your broadband connection for instant access to your favorite content. 

Apple TV: Your favorite non-fruit company has introduced another of its shiny gadgets that people seem to love. Apple TV provides a similar experience as other streaming media players,  but you also get connectivity to your Apple devices via Airplay on your TV. Can you say iPad slide show, anyone?

Google Chromecast: This little, remoteless device packs a huge punch for those who want to stream video and other content to their HDTV. Just plug the device into the TV, get connected to your WiFi connection, and you’re all set. You can be watching movies from the Google Play store and many of the other content applications in no time!

Netgear NeoTV: Connected entertainment at its finest. The NeoTV series packs the usual suspects in the movie and music streaming applications, wireless connectivity, and crystal clear HD with the added convenience of being able to transfer your mobile devices into a connected remote. View the specs of the available devices.

Connecting Your Media Player to WiFi

Although your streaming media player likely provides the option to connect your device directly with a wired connection, most users enjoy the flexibility that being able to connect to WiFi provides. For quick tips on getting common devices connected to WiFi, go here.