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MMORPG is short for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This type of computer gaming involves a large number of players interacting with each other in a virtual game world. The game world is hosted by the game’s publisher on a set of servers that run continuously, so the game world and the story line continue to evolve, even when players are away from the game.

MMORPGs offer players a unique opportunity to assume the persona of a fictional character and direct that character’s image, movements and behaviors in the game. In addition to the recreational benefits of role-playing, MMORPGs offer players a chance to socialize with other players that may have similar gaming and real-life interests, both in and out of the game. These players may form a guild, a specialized team of players that regularly meet and play together in the game to complete quests or accomplish tasks. Guilds may also cooperate with other guilds to accomplish major tasks, or they may compete against each other in challenges or tournaments.

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Choose a Game

If you are new to MMORPGs, take a moment to determine what type of game you are interested in and the budget you have for gaming.

There are several popular games and there is a theme to match every preference. Games like World of Warcraft, GuildWars, Black Desert Online and Final Fantasy XIV have a story line based in dazzling worlds of might and magic, while The Lord of the Rings Online is based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. For sci-fi fans, games like EVE Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic offer adventures in futuristic and intergalactic worlds. Popular games, such as Pirates of the Burning Sea and Uncharted Waters Online, have story lines, characters and environments that are inspired by the swashbuckling pirates of the 1700s.  Take time to visit MMORPG news sites like the one listed below and check out the publisher’s website for games you are interested in. Be sure to look through the player forums and take note of what other players say about the game to see if the game fits your preferences.

While considering the game (or games!) you’d like to play, be sure to get an understanding of the fees. Some games are free, but require you to accept in-game ads or advertisements and promotions via email. Other games require a monthly membership fee and some games only require the initial purchase of software for unlimited access to the game environment. Be sure you read the Terms of Use or Service Agreements and understand how many computers you may load game software on and what the payment and cancellation policies are.

Tools for Gameplay

First things first – your Internet connection has to be up to par.  How successful you are in your online games often depends on how quickly you respond to an advance or attack from an enemy. No matter how fast you work your keyboard, joystick or mouse, if your Internet connection is slow, your character will also be slow. So, a broadband connection is a must-have for online gaming.

Next, make sure your computer is up to speed with the requirements of your game. It is common for game publishers and software distributors to provide minimum hardware and software requirements to enjoy the best gaming experience. Check this information with what is contained on your computer to ensure that you are at least meeting requirements.

Helpful Links

Wikipedia: Get an overview of the history of MMORPGs and information on how gaming networks operate. This site offers news and special feature stories on the MMORPG genre of gaming. often runs contests and promotions.

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