• How do I access Webmail?

    Open your web browser and enter in the address bar, replacing yourisp.com with the name of your Internet and email service provider. Then, enter your assigned email address and password and click the Log In button.

  • How much storage is included with my mailbox?

    Most email boxes have a maximum storage limit of 250 MB.

  • How does Spam filtering work?

    The Spam filters block unwanted messages based on the server from which the messages are sent. See “How do I change Spam filter settings?” in the emScan Spam & Virus FAQ for more details.

  • What is the largest attachment Webmail can send in an outgoing email message?

    Webmail can send attachments of up to 8MB.

  • What is the largest attachment Webmail can receive in an incoming email message?

    Webmail can receive attachments of up to 8MB.

  • Where can I get help using Webmail?

    When you log into Webmail, look for the Help link near the top of the page. The Help section offers instructions for common tasks such as creating folders to organize mail, setting vacation and auto-response messages, and adding contacts to your address book. If you need additional help, please contact Technical Support.

  • What does it mean when others can't send mail to me because of an over-quota error?

    The over-quota error means that you have exceeded the storage limit for your mailbox. There is typically a storage limit of 250 MB on the server for each mailbox. The 250 MB storage limit is the total space consumed by all folders in Webmail. This includes the sent mail folder, trash folder, and any other folders that you may have created.

    We suggest that all customers use a mail client to download messages frequently. There is no set limit on how much mail can be stored in a mail client. Downloading email can help to ensure that the storage quota is not met or exceeded on the server. Deleting messages from the server is another way to make sure the storage quota is not met. An over-quota message will be generated and returned to the sender if your mailbox that has reached or exceeded the storage limit. Messages will not be delivered to your mailbox until mail is either downloaded or deleted from the server.

  • People who send me messages are getting an “over-quota” error. What can I do to conserve storage space?

    Your email account includes 250 MB of storage. This quota applies to mail stored on the server, and is more than enough for normal email needs. Usually this problem occurs if you do not delete messages from the server from time to time.

    If you are using a standard email client, like Outlook Express, messages are normally removed from the server and stored on the PC when you check mail. However, there is a setting to leave mail on the server, which comes in handy if you check mail on more than one PC. If you do this, be sure the email program on one of the PCs is set to remove mail from the server or you will exceed your quota over time.

    If you are using Webmail as your only way to view email, messages will remain on the server until you delete them. To conserve storage space in your email account, make sure you empty your trash folder on a regular basis.

  • When I download messages in my mail client, why do they no longer appear in Webmail?

    Webmail is a way to view your messages on the server. A mail client downloads and pulls the messages from your mailbox on the server to your personal computer’s hard drive. Once this is done, the messages will no longer appear in Webmail because they have pulled from the mailbox on the server.