To change your Spam filter settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Webmail
  2. In the bottom left corner of the screen, click the “AntiSpam Settings” link
  3. Use the radio buttons to select the filter settings you prefer (An explanation of each filter setting is provided at the bottom of this page.)

Normal (Recommended)

This is the default and recommended setting. This setting keeps almost all spam from reaching your inbox, and it has a very low rate of false positives (valid emails that are blocked in error). Our filters bounce spam back to the sender because there is a high degree of certainty that it is spam. Taking this action helps reduce the overall volume of spam that will be sent to your address in the future. There may be a small number of valid messages from some misconfigured servers that could bounce back to the sender. If you learn that you are not receiving a legitimate message from someone, you can Whitelist that sender’s address. You can also enable quarantine, which will send spam to your Spam folder, but this is not recommended for general use, since it is rare that messages are bounced or quarantined in error. 

Normal, (w/Quarantine)
This setting has the same filtering effectiveness as the “Normal (Recommended)”, however it quarantines a subset of the spam into a Spam folder. Enabling quarantine is less effective at discouraging Spammers, since any mail that is sent to quarantine will look to the spammer as if it was successfully delivered. For this reason, it is recommended that you switch back to the “Normal (Recommended)” setting if you rarely see any valid email in your Spam folder, especially if you have already whitelisted senders that have been quarantined in error before. Quarantined mail is automatically deleted from the Spam folder after two weeks.

This would only be used if you are suffering from a serious spam attack, and are seeing a lot of spam reaching your inbox. This setting requires that senders conform to properly defined Internet Standards, and many servers are not set up in that way, so you will see a greater amount of valid mail being blocked. You can whitelist individual addresses if needed, but we recommend against using this setting in most cases.

Customize Rules
This choice is not recommended, and is only for those who have a technical knowledge of the various aspects of email filtering. The preconfigured settings above will work for most every case, and if the customized filters are improperly configured, you could inadvertently block a lot of legitimate mail, or increase the volume of spam sent to your inbox.