On the go?

Notebook computers continue to remain in demand for mobile computing. Your notebook computer may already have a wireless network card that allows you to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using wireless hotspots to connect to the Internet when you’re away from home.

Traditional notebooks remain in heavy rotation, but ultra-thin notebooks are the latest trend and rising in popularity because their light weight makes portability easier, and they are often jam-packed with features at a slightly higher cost.

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Apple: Leading the pack in design and innovation, check out Apple’s MacBook computers at apple.com.

Toshiba: Known for reliability,Toshiba notebooks pack computing power and keep up with the trends.

Dell: From the Inspiron to the XPS, Dell has the computing needs for you and your family.

Sony : This site provides information on a full line of notebook products and more.

HP: With the new line of Envy notebooks, HP is sure to stay on “beat” with the competition.

Acer:  Acer offers a variety of notebooks with competive features at an affordable price.

OfficeDepot: Check out a number of notebook computers from several manufacturers at OfficeDepot.com.