Ready to rock?

Where would music be without online music services like iTunes and Rhapsody? Broadband users can purchase and download songs to rock out to from the comfort of their own homes.  There is no need to go to a music store and wait in a long line for the music from all your favorite artists.  One click. That’s it!  Ok, maybe a few clicks!

The market for broadband music services has become very competitive and offers great opportunities for music lovers everywhere to find their favorite music at an affordable price. Many of the most popular broadband music services require their users to pay either a monthly or per-song fee to download music.  Monthly packages on these sites are usually unlimited and typically cost between $12 and $20 per month.

If your wallet is a little lighter and you just want to hear one song, there are other sites, such as Amazon and iTunes, that offer per-song download rates for around $1-2 per song.  To get started, all you need is a computer with a broadband connection, the right software, and list of your favorite songs.  Invisible guitar optional.

Read the Terms and Conditions

You’ll find a list of links to several online music services at the bottom of this page to help you find the service that fits you best. Once you’ve selected a service, be sure that you read and understand all of the Terms and Conditions associated with downloading songs from that site.   The Terms and Conditions will typically include any rules associated with using your downloaded music files, copyright information and any downloading regulations.

Find Your Favorite Music

After you read the Terms and Conditions, begin searching for the songs you wish to download.  Maybe you can check out the latest Hip-Hop and R&B tunes mixed in with a little Country and Rock.  Whatever your preference, you’re likely to find something that you can’t get enough of!   Depending on the site you use, you may be prompted to download the song immediately, or you might be able to put them into a cart to download them all at once when you’re done searching.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

After you have all the songs you want, you can either listen to them on your computer or transfer them to your MP3 player, smartphone, or even the ancient route of the CD for easy listening when you’re on the go.  Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your device or computer to learn how to transfer your music files.  Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your tunes!

Music Download Services

iTunes: The iTunes store features millions of songs for your listening pleasure.  If you want audiobooks, TV shows and movies, then you’re in the right place.  You can visit the site to download the free iTunes software and begin purchasing and downloading music with no subscription required.

Amazon Music Downloads:  With 20 million songs and counting, Amazon brings you the latest music downloads and allows you to listen from the cloud or any of your gadgets.  Get your favorite songs for around $1 each.

Audible: Forget about books on tape – now you can download audiobooks from Audible. Audiobook files are downloaded in .aa format, which will conveniently bookmark your place when you stop the playback. Audible also provides newspapers, magazines and radio shows.