Personal Computer (or PC) Games…

are single- or multi-player games that you can play on you own computer, rather than online with a group of other players or on a video game console.

PC games are available in many different varieties and forms.  Some state-of-the-art games include vivid 3-D graphics, while others may be more simplistic in design.  There are also games that fit any skill level or story line preferences.  There are cartoon and educational games for children, fantasy or war-simulation games for adults, as well as games focused on racing, football, golf and many other sports.

PC games are growing in popularity and have become very easy to install and use on your personal computer.  Popular games, such as Call of Duty and The Sims, are now available via download from the publishers’ websites so you don’t even have to make the trip to a gaming or electronics store to buy the game on CD.

What Do I Need?

The system requirements for your PC vary depending on the game you play.  Some games may require users to have specific hardware and/or software requirements, whereas others will work on a traditional desktop computer with limited features.  As rule of thumb, remember that the more advanced the game is, the more advanced your computer will need to be with regard to video cards, sound cards, hard disk space, RAM and peripherals such as joysticks or steering wheels. Check out the forums on several PC gaming websites or publications, such as PC Gaming and PC Magazine, to get opinions and ideas on the best gaming setups from other gaming enthusiasts.

Where Can I Buy PC Games?

PC games are available for purchase online and in traditional retail stores.  Many online retailers, such as EB Games, GameFly and, distribute PC games in downloadable formats as well as on CD or DVD. If you want to save space at home, you can purchase digital copies from online PC game store like Steam,, and Epic Games. You can also visit retail stores, such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, to purchase and even try out games. Some retailers of PC games, both online and in-store, have very strict return policies.  Before purchasing any game, you should be fully aware of the retailer’s return and refund policies.

Gaming Resources

PCGamer: This site is the web counterpart to the popular print magazine. offers information on new games, building the perfect gaming PC, blogs, editorials and commentaries, as well as a game store for ordering your favorite games.

GameSpot: The PC games section of GameSpot offers reviews, previews, cheat codes, gaming news and user forums.