• What is a Smart TV?

    A Smart TV is a television that has the capacity to connect to the Internet and allows you to stream and view content through specialized apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and others.

  • How do I connect to the Internet on my Smart TV?

    You can typically connect to your current broadband Internet connection through your Smart TV via a wired connection or Wi-Fi connection. For more information on getting connected, go here.

  • How do I search for content on my Smart TV?

    Some Smart TVs have a built in Web browser that allows you to browse and search for content similarly as you do with your computer while they all typically have an integrated search capability. You can usually find content that you like by typing in a name or related subject to view the available selections.

  • What apps are available on my Smart TV?

    Smart TVs come with apps that allow you to view content on the device. Most of these apps are pre-installed and can include apps ranging from Netflix to social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter. There are also Smart TVs that have apps that allow you to play popular games such as Angry Birds.

  • Where can I purchase a Smart TV?

    You can purchase smart TV from several retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and even directly from the manufacturers. You can also find online retailers that offer these devices in various brands and models.