If you are having problems with your dial up connection, consider these common problems and resolutions:

Problem Resolution
An error message displays. Click here for more information.
You have call waiting. Use the code your phone company provides to disable call waiting while you are online.
You been idle (not loading a page or sending an e-mail or making an file transfer) for awhile. Your connection may have timed out.
There been any disturbance on the phone line. Line disturbances can cause your connection to be dropped.
One of your running programs experienced an illegal operation while you were connected. This can cause an automatic disconnection.
You are using a 56K modem that is in conflict with the modem of your provider. Confirm that your modem is compatible with your provider’s modem

If you are still experiencing problems with your dial up connection, please gather the following information and email it helpdesk@24hoursupport.com with a request for assistance:

  • Has your connection ever worked?
  • If it has worked before, what was happening when it stop working?
  • Has this problem happened before?
  • Have you recently added, removed, or changed anything, including software, hardware, cords, etc.?