To setup your email in Windows 8 mail, follow the steps:

Browse to and log in. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one by selecting “sign up now”. After creating the account, you will receive a welcome screen. Select “continue to inbox”.

Click the settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop down, select “More Settings”.   An options screen appears.

Click on “Your e-mail accounts” under Managing your account.

Select “Add a send-and-receive account” under Add an e-mail account.

Enter in your Name, E-mail Address, and E-mail Password. Select “Advanced settings”.

Configure your e-mail settings by entering your e-mail account settings provided

Incoming POP 3 Server address:

Port # 110

Leave a copy of message on server

Username: email address (myname@domainname)


Outgoing SMTP Server address:

Port # 587

Place a  • next to “Send email using your provider’s server (recipient will not see your Outlook Address)

 Use Same email address and password when send and receive mail

(NOTE: Ensure to select the option to “send email using your provider’s server” so that your ISP email address will appear when sending mail. Select NEXT when done.)

A prompt will appear asking whether to  download mail in your folder or either in your existing ISP E-mail folder. Note: We recommend you choose “existing inbox folder”. Click SAVE when done.

When account has been added, Click Go To Your Inbox

In the inbox,  click the  more settings menu on the upper right corner of the screen. Select “More Mail Settings

Click on “Your e-mail accounts” under Managing your account.When the next screen appears, Scroll down to the default “From” address section. Use the drop down menu to select the E-mail Address you wish to display when sending mail.

Microsoft will send a  confirmation link to your email address. Verify your e-mail address by clicking  this link.  Once the your address has been verified, all mail stored on your ISP email server will be downloaded into your new Outlook account.