FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to move files from one system to another over the Internet. For example, you can FTP HTML files from your local hard drive to a web server (upload). Similarly, you can FTP files from a remote server to your local hard drive (download).

You must be authorized to FTP files to or from a remote system. Typically, you are given a login and password to access the remote system. If the remote server allows you to download files “anonymously,” try entering anonymous or ftp for the login. Usually, any password is valid for anonymous FTP downloads, although occasionally you are required to enter your email address.

There are several FTP programs that can be used, including:

To upload files, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install an FTP program.
  2. Ensure that the names of all files that you are moving to the server are all lowercase with an htm extension. For example, if your file is named Home.htm, rename it home.html.
  3. Log in at ftp.yourdomain.name, which is the server. Use the same login and password that you use for your email.
  4. Using the ASCII mode, move text files to the HTML directory.
  5. Using the BINARY mode, move graphics files to the HTML directory. If you like, you can create a subdirectory within HTML for your graphics. In order to find graphics in a subdirectory, you must reference the subdirectory in your HTML file.