Google, perhaps best known for its search and advertising services, launched a new web browser called Google Chrome on September 2, 2008. You can read more about the search giant’s motivation to create a new browser on the Official Google Blog, but essentially they wanted to create not just a browser, but an open-source platform that could efficiently run both existing and future complex web pages and web applications.

What are the key features of Google Chrome?
Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Incognito surfing mode. When a user turns on Incognito surfing, Google Chrome automatically discards information such as browsing history and cookies. When the user turns off the Incognito mode, Google Chrome will store details regarding visited URLs, downloaded files and other browsing history information.

Another interesting feature is the Dynamic Tabs design. This feature allows users to drag a tab out of the existing Google Chrome browser window and into a new window. This feature also allows users to gather multiple tabs into one window, arrange them in a desired order or open a new tab to see snapshots of the most visited sites, most used search engines, as well as bookmarks and recently closed tabs. Additionally, Google Chrome can isolate tabs that are misbehaving or malfunctioning so that users do not have to close the entire browser to end a process running in one tab.

Many websites, such as email or financial services, can be run like actual programs on your computer’s desktop by using Google Chrome to create application shortcuts. To create an application shortcut, users will browse to the page containing the desired service and use the Page menu to create a shortcut. Then, just double-click on the shortcut icon and the web page will open in a streamlined Google Chrome window.

Other features include a more functional Address Bar, Safer Surfing tools, an unobtrusive file download manager and tools for importing settings such as favorites, cookies and stored passwords from Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I get Google Chrome?
You can download Google Chrome online by following the link below. As with any software, be sure you read and understand the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies before you install the software. If you need help installing or using Google Chrome, you can follow the links below to view information from Google’s team of Chrome experts.