There’s an App for That!

Smartphones can help keep your contacts organized, keep track of your calendar, and allow you to communicate over the Internet from virtually anywhere. But, with the installation of a few apps (short for applications), your smartphone can become a mobile TV, an MP3 player, a slot machine, a GPS and so much more.

What is an app?
Apps are small programs that run on your smartphone. They generally help you do one specific thing, such as playing a game, browsing a specific newspaper, navigating through a city, or  stream video from the Internet. If you’re still not sure about apps, check out these cool commercials from Google and Apple.

Where can I get apps for my phone?

You can get apps from your service provider, the manufacturer of your phone, or app developers. Links to apps for the most common smartphones are below. Your smartphone likely was pre-installed with a link to the app store for your specific phone, so you may also want to try looking through the programs and applications menus on your phone for more information.

How much do apps cost?

The cost of apps, and the use of them over time, varies. Some apps are free, like Google Maps. Some require a one-time fee from the service provider or the app developer and some require on-going maintenance or usage fees. Be sure to read the license agreement and understand all charges before you download and install an app.