I have a router, NIC Card(s) and RJ-45 cables. Now, how do I set up my wired home network?

The steps below offer general instructions for setting up a wired network in your home. Please be aware that some steps may vary depending on the type of router and computer equipment you have. It is important to note that all devices you intend to connect to your wired home network must have NIC Cards.

  1. Turn off all devices (desktop computers, laptop computers, broadband modem, printers)
  2. Connect the broadband modem to the router with an RJ-45 cable
  3. Connect all computers to the router with RJ-45 cables
  4. Power on the broadband  modem
  5. Power on the router
  6. Power on computers and other devices attached to the network
  7. Test connection and refer to your router’s User Guide for details on customizing network settings and security

To view instructions that are specific to your particular router, please refer to the user guide your received with your router or follow the manufacturer links in the Helpful Links section below.

Linksys: EasyLink Home Networking Tools
D-Link: Technical Support Options
Netgear: Support Pages for Your Specific Router Model
Netgear: Troubleshoot Wireless Networks