If you get an error when building your web site, check the list below. If it is not included in this table, search the Internet for the error. If you still need assistance, contact technical support.

202:  Processing is incomplete.

204: No information to return from the server.

206: Only part of the file you requested was sent. Try again, ensuring that you do not stop or refresh while the page is loading.

301: Server loaded index.html file because you requested a directory rather than a file.

400: Your request included some invalid syntax.

401: You did not provide a valid user name and/or password.

403: You do not have security access to this location.

404: The file you requested cannot be found.

500: The server could not fulfill your request.

501: The server does not support the feature required for your requested action.

503: The server is temporarily overloaded. Try again later.

504: Time-out occurred. Try again.