Touted as “an entirely new browser,” Microsoft has released its latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 10.   You can download and install this version at

Internet Explorer users will recognize the familiar tabbed layout, but will find added functionality in viewing and organizing the tabs. Users will also find increased search functions, protection from dangerous or infected web sites, private browsing and helpful tools to access information more efficiently.

Feature Summary

  • Search Suggestions: The new IE 9 offers more search help with text suggestions, related images and visual previews in the search drop-down box, and “find on page” options to search within your browsing history.
  • Web Slices: This new tool puts all your favorite and frequently-checked websites in a single location. Use Web Slices to stay up-to-date on emails, weather forecasts, stock reports, auctions and more with a few simple clicks. Look for the Web Slices icon on your favorite web pages and click to add a Web Slice to your Favorites Bar in IE 10. Watch a video to learn how to use Web Slices
  • SmartScreen Filter: This new security feature helps protect you against deceptive and malicious websites that may compromise your PC, your data, your privacy and your identity. When SmartScreen is enabled, IE 9 will alert you if you attempt to visit a known phishing site, or if a typically safe web site has been infected with malicious code, adware or spyware.
  • Compatibility View: Some older websites are not yet optimized for viewing in IE 9, so there may be some distortion in the placement of text and images on these pages. You can use the Compatibility View toggle button in IE 9 to correct many of these distortions when viewing older web pages. Learn more about Compatibility View
  • InPrivate Browsing: When you’re checking email at an Internet café or shopping for a gift on a family PC, you may need to keep your browsing history private. InPrivate Browsing prevents IE 9 from storing any records of your browsing history, search history, cookies, temporary Internet files, user names and passwords. Learn more about InPrivate Browsing
  • Accelerators: The new accelerators in IE 9 make it easy for users to get information, without having to copy and paste from one tab or browser window to another. For example, you find search for restaurants in a particular city, find the address of one you’d like to visit, but now you need directions. Normally, you’d copy the address, open a new tab or window and go to a different website to view a map or driving directions. With IE 9, a few clicks of the mouse will display a map on the current page. Learn about additional Accelerators

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