After a number of previous iterations of the Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft has completely rebuilt its browser into the now-named Microsoft Edge.

Edge uses Chromium source code, the same rendering engine as Google Chrome, but with enhancements developed by Microsoft. With multiple new and useful features, which are covered below, Edge is growing into a powerful new browser.

Feature Summary

  • Editor: This feature in Edge allows users to utilize grammar and spelling tools similar to the assistants in Microsoft’s 365 applications.
  • Shopping Assistant: Microsoft Edge also offers a feature to assist users when shopping. Whether it’s finding coupons, price comparisons, or price histories, Edge can help users find the best possible deals.
  • Performance: Microsoft Edge utilizes Chromium for Windows for increased browser performance, offering features like Sleeping Tabs, startup boosts, syncing your browser across multiple devices with Browser sync, and well as add extensions to your browser with the Edge Add-Ons store.
  • Productivity: To maximize your time and make the most of your browser, Edge also has features to help you organize how your online experience. Features included are Vertical Tabs, Collections, Web Capture, and Immersive reader.

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