You can configure the settings for your dial-up modem to automatically connect to the Internet in Mac OS X 10.5. When you have completed the configuration steps below, any time you run an application that requires an Internet connection, such as an email client or web browser, your modem will automatically dial your Internet Service Provider to establish a connection.

To configure your modem for automatic connection, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Apple > System Preferences, and then click Network.
  2. Select your modem in the network connection services list. If your modem isn’t on the list, make sure it is either installed in your computer, or connected to the USB port if it’s an external modem. Click Add (+) at the bottom of the list and choose Modem from the Interface pop-up menu. Give your modem service a name and click Create.
  3. Enter the settings for your dial-up account. If you need help, refer to Set up a Dial-up Connection for Mac OS X
  4. Click Advanced, and then click PPP.
  5. Select “Connect automatically when needed.”
  6. Use the other checkboxes to set other connection settings, such as “Disconnect when user logs out,” or “Disconnect when switching user accounts.”

If you have trouble connecting, Apple provides troubleshooting tips.