To customize the way your desktop icons appear in Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, follow these steps:

1. Click the desktop (the background on your screen)

2. Choose View and then click Show View Options

3. Adjust the options below to customize icon appearance:

      • Use the “Icon size” slider to make icons larger or smaller.
      • Adjust the label for items by choosing a size from the “Text size” pop-up menu and selecting a label position.
      • Select “Snap to grid” to have icons arranged in rows or columns.
      • Select “Show item info” to see information such as the size of your hard disk or number of items in a folder.
      • Select “Show icon preview” to have icons appear as a preview of the files’ contents.
      • To organize your icons by name, date, size, or kind, select “Keep arranged by” and choose a way to arrange the icons from the pop-up menu.