Connect Your Smartphone to the Internet

Depending on the data plan provided by your cellular or wireless provider, you may be able to connect to the Internet over the cellular network or some form of Wi-Fi to browse the web.  Your provider will probably be able to offer the most specific instructions for connecting, and the  links below offer instructions from hardware and software manufacturers of several popular smartphones:

Select a Browser
Many smartphones have a browser pre-installed such as Safari  but sometimes, that same old browser can get a little stale.  If you want to select a new browser and dare to be different with a little variety, you may find these mobile versions a mobile treat:

Firefox: Mozilla’s mobile version of its popular web browser available for Android devices in the Google play store.

Chrome: Want to take your Chrome experience to your mobile device, download Google’s Chrome mobile browser. With the popular sign-in feature, always have access to your Google content.

Opera Mini: Despite its namesake, there is nothing small about the powerful features that Opera Mini packs. Need to used tabbed browsing? This unique option is available. Find out more about the browser here.

Skyfire: Around since 2008, this mobile browser has the appearance of an app, but gets you browsing to all of your favorite sites.

Dolphin: Available on Android and iOS devices, Dolphin lets you talk your way through browsing in addition to sharing and Evernote integration features.

Puffin: Need to access Flash-based websites on your mobile device? Puffin just might be the answer. Get your downloads in the App Store and on Google play.

Internet Usage Charges
With ‘true’ unlimited data plans quickly becoming a thing of the past, always remember to ask your smartphone service provider about the charges related to using your smartphone to access the Internet. Also remember to ask about any caps or limits on usage because you don’t want to wake up to whopping bill resulting in this —> 🙁