Your web hosting account can run Perl scripts, which allow you to develop forms such as guest books, web counters, and web site searches. Our Unix servers run Perl 5.004 on a Solaris 2.6 operating system (on Sun hardware). We support SSI (Server Side Includes), as well as C programming, if required. WinPerl 32 is available upon request if hosting on an NT server. Perl scripts must be located in the CGI-BIN directory.

The path to Perl is usr/local/bin/perl. All Perl scripts for this path would need to start with #!/usr/local/bin/perl.

Most errors are a result of problems with permissions. To correct permission problems, right-click on the script file name in the server side (right) list, click CHMOD, then change the permission.

For more information on Perl, see Learning Perl and Perl, both published by O’Reilly and Associates, Inc.