In Windows 8, there are five Charms available – Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings – and they can always be found on the right portion of the screen.

To open any of the charms using a mouse, position your mouse pointer in the lower right portion of the screen and click on the Charm that you wish to use.

Search:  The Search charm allows you to complete searches for various elements contained on the computer.  Whether it’s an app, a Control Panel function, or an old photo, you can find what you’re looking for.


Share:  With the Share charm, you can share and send pretty much anything that’s on your computer with others, within apps, or to other programs.


Start:  Although there have been groans of no “Start” button in Windows 8, the Start Screen, which can be customized, allows you to get a, well.., a start with your computing tasks.


Devices:  There are sure to be devices connected to your computer, and the Devices charms allows you to manage them and make sure they are functioning as they should be.  Just think….you get to manage all of your devices in one place.


Settings:  The Setting charms is nearly like the command center for all changes on your computer.  You can make customize andmake changes to your computer and apps all with the click (or swipe) of a few buttons.


For more information on the Charms, go here.