On [MONTH DD, YYYY], we will be changing to a new email system. We’re excited to be able to bring you the powerful features that come with Google Gmail through our email service. To make this transition as easy as possible we will be maintaining email on both systems until [MONTH DD, YYYY]. However, we encourage you to switch over to the new system as quickly as possible.

Summary of Transition

On [MONTH DD] we will switch to the Gmail Webmail application. You will still be able to go to the old Magic Mail Webmail application, if needed, up until [MONTH DD, YYYY]. Also, if you use an email program to download mail to your computer, and want to continue to do so, you must change the settings in your email client. You can change your settings any time between [MONTH DD, YYYY] and [MONTH DD, YYYY], but it would be best to do so as early as possible to minimize potential mail delivery issues. Again, beginning on [MONTH DD2, YYYY] you will be unable to access the old Magic Mail email system, so we encourage you to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ has been provided to assist you in making the transition. If you have any questions or need assistance with your new email account please contact Technical Support at [PHONE NUMBER].

  • Will my email address change?

    No.  You will continue to use the same email address that was previously used.

  • Will my password change?

    If your password is at least eight characters now, your password will not change. If your password is less than eight characters, we will be appending one or more upper-case As to the end of your password to bring it to eight characters.  For example, if your password is h3ll0, your new password will be h3ll0AAA. You will be able to change your email password within Gmail after you have logged in the first time

  • Will I need to make any changes to send or receive messages?

    Yes. If you use an email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, then you will need to change your email settings at some point between [MONTH DD] and [MONTH DD2]. If you use Magic Mail Webmail, the Webmail application will be changing to Google’s Gmail application on [MONTH DD]. See the questions below for further information.

  • What URL will I use to access the new Webmail application?

    The URL will be (ENTER URL) and you will use your same username and password to log in.

  • What if I need to get access to the old Webmail application after MONTH DD?

    You will be able to access the old Webmail application during the transition period by going to (ENTER URL).  After [MONTH DD2, YYYY] you will be unable to access the old Webmail application.

  • I am using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to access my email. What changes will I need to make?

    You will first, need to log into your Gmail account and enable POP email settings.  You can find instructions here.

    You will then need to change your email settings in your email client to the new settings sometime between [MONTH DD and MONTH DD2

    1. Your incoming (POP) server name will now be pop.gmail.com
    2. You will need to enable SSL and enter port 995 for incoming mail.
    3. Your outgoing (SMTP) server name will now be smtp.gmail.com.
    4. You will need to ensure that your full email address is listed as your username.
    5. You will need to use authentication for outgoing mail.
    6. You will need to enable your SSL settings and change your port to 587 for outgoing mail.

    If you need any assistance with changing your settings, click the links below for instructions on the following email clients:

    If you need any assistance with changing your settings, you can contact (ENTER CONTACT).

  • Will contacts I have stored in the old Webmail application be moved?

    We are not able to move your contacts in your Contact List if you have any. However, you can export your contacts to a CSV file from your old account, and then import them into your new account. To do this:

    1. In your MagicMail Contacts list, click the “Addresses” button at the top of the page and then select “Export.” Note: To access your old Webmail account after [MONTH DD], you will need to go to [ENTER URL].
    2. Click the “Export to CSV File” button, and your contacts will be exported as a CSV file that you can save to your computer.
    3. After [MONTH DD] log into the new Gmail Webmail application by going to (ENTER URL). To import your contact file to your new Gmail account go to your Contacts list, click “More,” select “Import,” and choose the CSV file that you exported from your old account.
  • What about the Calendar in the old Webmail application?

    We are unable to move your calendar. Prior to [MONTH DD2, YYYY] you should make a note of any upcoming events on your old calendar so you can recreate the events on your new calendar in Gmail.

  • Will my AntiSpam and Virus Settings transition to my new Google email account?

    No. Your new email account is equipped with Google’s powerful anti-spam and virus settings, which are enabled by default.