Follow the links below to view common topics and answers to questions related to the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. When viewing these articles, it is helpful to know which edition of Windows 7 you are using.

System Requirements

I want to install Windows 7 on my existing PC.  What are the hardware requirements ?

Users & Security

How do I manage User Accounts and Profiles ?
How do I manage Windows Firewall ?
How do I manage Parental Controls ?

Navigating Windows 7

What are the features and capabilities of the Windows 7 operating system?
How do I add or remove desktop icons ?
How do I preview applications in the taskbar ?
How do I access the Help menu in Windows 7 ?
How do I search for files in Windows 7 ?

Network & Internet Connections

How do I create a dialup connection to the Internet using Windows 7 ?
How do I connect to a wireless network in Windows 7 ?

Installing & Using Applications

Windows Mail wasn’t included in my version of Windows 7. How do I get it?
What software applications are compatible with Windows 7 ?

Peripheral Devices

How do I add a printer ?

Advanced Tasks

How do I access the command prompt ?