Router Access Restrictions for Your Home Network

internet-closedMost often, everyone has a wireless home network because of the convenience that they provide. We take measures to secure the wireless network to keep unauthorized users from accessing the network, but what about those in your home whose activities you need to limit? What can you do to stop them from doing the things that make you cringe? Try router access restrictions.

In most wireless routers, there are features contained that allow you to set specific instructions on how you want the Internet and access to your wireless network to be used. If you don’t want the kids getting online after 9pm, set up a restriction that disables Internet access and makes them get out a book and read instead. If you want to keep certain computers or devices off your wireless home network, set up MAC filtering and only enter the MAC address for your most commonly used devices. There are likely to be various options that can be set up so that you can feel safe and protected.

Want to put your restriction skills to use? Try these helpful resources to find instructions on setting up access restrictions on popular router manufacturers.



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