Secure Password Tips

secure-passwordsIf you’re like most users, you probably have several online accounts that require passwords.  And, if you’re like most users, you probably use something easy to remember or maybe even use the same password for multiple accounts.  With hacking on the rise and users’ accounts being compromised on a daily basis, it’s important to create secure passwords to keep your personal information safe.


You can get started with these general secure password tips from 24HourSupport because your accounts are only as safe as your passwords.

  1. Your password should contain between 6 and 16 characters.
  2. Passwords should begin with a letter or number and should contain at least one letter and a number or one of the following special characters: _ – . @ %.
  3. Common sequences such as “abcd” or “1234″ should be avoided.
  4. Passwords are case sensitive, so mixing upper and lower case letters will make your password more secure.
  5. Your username and password should never be the same.
  6. When using a single device (ex: computer, tablet, smart phone) to access multiple accounts that require logging in, it is best to use a different username/password combinations for each account.
  7. Check your password with an online secure password checker to get an idea of how weak or strong the password may be.


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