Staying Connected During Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, many people are trying to stay connected because let’s face it, disaster is certainly striking. Hopefully, there’s power in your area, so here are few tips that you can use to stay connected in the broadband world:


Take to Social Media

When something happens in the world, Twitter and Facebook are often the first to know before any news outlet. You can often find real-time updates, pictures, and other commentary from those being affected by whatever event is occurring. Several hashtags have surfaced relating to Sandy, so you may want to follow information from #Sandy, #HurricaneSandy, #njsandy, #nysandy, #nhsandy, etc.

Store, store, and store.

Because you’re likely to be confined to mobile technology, make sure that emergency numbers such as law enforcement, medical facilities, insurance companies, and family members are stored in your phone. You’ll be able to easily contact them if the need arises, but limit the use of the mobile phone if possible because you want to ensure that your battery remains viable.

Text It.

During storms such as Sandy, you never know when you’re going to be without power, and there’s no guarantee if your cell service will remain active if towers are taken out. Because so many people risk losing power, everyone is grabbing their mobile devices and trying to stock up on battery power so that they can stay in touch. Think about millions of people frantically trying to dial on their cell phones in an already chaotic state. The wireless lines are going to be overloaded. So, if you must use your cell phone, text to prevent this overload and to save on battery life.



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