Webmail Tips to Go: Checking for New Messages

 When you’re on the go and need to check your email fast, why not log into your Webmail account to quickly view and respond to your email messages?  Webmail can be your home away from home when it comes to your email, so here are a few quick tips that you can take with you.

Checking for New Messages

New messages that arrive to your email address will be displayed in the Inbox. You can access the Inbox by clicking on the Inbox link in the folder list on the left of the page or by clicking on the Inbox icon at the top of the page.  Please note that if you use an email client that is set to download your mail without saving your messages to the server, your new email messages may not appear in Webmail.

Composing a Message

Using Webmail to compose a message is not that different from any of the other web-based email applications that you may have used.  The premise is the same – to send messages!  To compose a message, you will simply need to click on the Compose icon that is displayed at the top of the page.  Enter the sender’s email address, the subject of the email, and compose the message that you would like to send.  Once you have completed your message, click the Send

Deleting Messages from Trash

Because you may not use Webmail on a regular basis, you may not empty the trash as often as you should.  To do so, just click the purge option next to the Trash folder and all messages in the folder will be permanently deleted.  It’s that simple!  If you normally use an email client and have your messages set to be remove from the server after a specified amount of  time, then you may not need to check your trash folder as often as those who use Webmail regularly.



For more tips on using Webmail, get started here.


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