After you have designed your web site, you will need to determine how to transfer the files from your computer to the remote server that will host your web site. Contact your web host to determine the location where your files will be stored on the server and to get instructions for logging in and accessing the server.

Once you have determined the file location and the proper file transfer settings, you can begin uploading files and publishing your web site. With our commercial web hosting services, you can use the cPanel File Manager to upload files for your web site. To view a video tutorial on how to use the cPanel File Manager, click here. To view additional cPanel tutorials, please log into your cPanel account and click on Video Tutorials on the Preferences menu.

If you prefer not to use cPanel, you will need an HTML editing program or operating system equipped with file transfer capabilities. If you plan to use either of these tools, please refer to the User Guide for your web editing application or operating system.

You may also use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to transfer your files to the web server. FTP clients are designed to allow remote connection to a server so that you may access your web hosting account to upload, rename, delete and organize the files related to your web site. For your convenience, links to information on several FTP applications are provided below:

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