Test for DNS Changer Virus

The bad news first.  Tired of viruses and trojans?  Well, rest up because the DNS Changer virus is out there and has infected millions of computers worldwide with half a million right here in the U.S.  The virus was designed to change how PCs find websites so that when a Web address is typed into a browser, the website that you believe you’re heading to is actually redirected to servers that are operated by hackers.

Wait…there’s good news.  The FBI found and arrested the hackers in November of last year, and the FBI now has control of the servers that were redirecting the Web requests.

Yes, there’s a catch.  Those servers will be taken offline July 9th, which means that any infected PCs will no longer be able to surf the Web after that time unless the virus is removed.

How to check.  There is a quick and easy way to see if your PC is infected. Visit www.dcwg.org to view Online instructions to determine if your PC is infected.  If you find you are infected, you can contact Technical Support, and they will help you remove the DNS Changer virus.

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